September Virtual Assembly

The NIAFG September Assembly will be held virtually September 19th at 9am due to the COVID-19 gathering restrictions. We will also have a Friday Night Open Meeting September 18, starting at 7:30  

If you received the email announcement and cannot access the zoom guide – please remember to log in to the MEMBERS ONLY page before clicking the document links.

To prepare for our Virtual Assembly we have scheduled a practice meeting for any member who would like to attend. The practice meeting will be held September 16th, 7-9pm. Please see the assembly guide for details. We encourage you to attend the practice meeting to work out any technical difficulties you may have. We want help you work through the process ahead of time so that you wont miss anything during the assembly.

Please visit the VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY PAGE located on the MEMBERS ONLY section of our website. Instructions on attending the assembly have been posted. You may contact your GR or DR for the password.

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