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The Lord’s Prayer

Many years ago, I had an experience at the meeting I attended at the time. The story is so rich with examples of how the program works, that I thought I would share it....

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Anonymity –Three Components

I participated in a conference call with a number of Public Information and Institution coordinators as well as officers from the WSO on Saturday. The topic “How do I maintain anonymity at the level...

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From the Archives

At the last Assembly of May 16th I gave a report of our first Illinois Assembly of Dec 3, 1960 in Forest Park, Il.. At that time there were eighteen “Committeemen” representing about three...

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Conferences and Events

AT&T’s Hispanic/Latino Employee AssociationHealth Fair-June 18th, 2015-Chicago, Illinois International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers-July 8th, 2015-Warrenville, Illinois National Association Of Social Workers-October, 2015-Wheeling, Illinois Public Outreach Coordinator Illinois North, Panel 55

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From your CPC/PI Coordinator

Like the movement of a glacier, we may not recognize our progress right away, but the effects of working the Al-Anon program are profound and lasting. No matter how hopeless we may feel in...

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Thoughts on Investing

When I think about my personal finances, I think about having: enough money on hand to pay on-going bills; some kind of a reserve fund for emergencies (often three to six months monthly expenses);...

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Money, Money, Money

During my World Service Conference (WSC) report at the May Assembly, a good amount of interest was received on the discussion of money. The short of it is, the WSO projects a $16K shortage...

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Is AIMS Conference Approved Literature?

The very simple answer to that is, “No!” Our AIMS is the newsletter put out by our Area to keep our members, (Northern Illinois) informed of the events in our Area. Sharing that information...

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Can We Flourish In Al-Anon?

In simple terms, the Seventh Tradition points out one of the corner stones of the Al-Anon program of recovery. When individual members and groups understand that they are responsible for their own survival and...