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New or Changed Meetings

INACTIVE Serenity For Me AFG Mt. Morris Senior Center 9 E. Front Street Mt. Morris Tuesday @ 7:00 PM NEW MEETING Early Evening Friends AFG St. Patrick Church 119 Market Street Momence Thursday @6:00pm

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Every year there is a regional delegates meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to prepare delegates for the World Service Conference, to learn how the logistics of how to go about voting, and...

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Souvenirs While Traveling

I’m on my way back to Chicago after a business trip to Delaware. During my travels, I made a little time to get to an AlAnon meeting. It was a wonderful meeting, the entire...

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The Forum Magazine

The forum has been a big access to my personal recovery. I have relied on the forum for quite some time. Here are a few examples when I have used the forum. Between meeting,...

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The Warm Up

Ever been to a Chicago Bull’s game when Michael Jordan played?  They have a warm up period before the game when the team goes out and shoots baskets.  So why in the world would...


New or Changed Meetings

Please announce at your meetings if any of these are in your district or nearby. NOTE:  Online meeting formats have been updated to include Babysitting, Lithuanian, Polish, and Russian speaking meetings. NEW MEETINGS Journey...

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Healthy Groups

Al-Anon’s Twelve Traditions are guides for the conduct and the unity necessary to maintain healthy groups.  This year, Al-Anon will be celebrating 65 years.  We have had some healthy groups, we have many that...