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Make It Easy

Here we are in a new year and what goals have you made to enrich your recovery and to expand your spiritual journey? Public Outreach and Institutions have a theme for 2016: ” Make...

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From your PI Professional Community

Public Outreach and Institution’s will be at all Area meeting selling the magazine Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism. We are doing this because as the holidays fast approach and the stress of money, family, and a...

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Conferences and Events

AT&T’s Hispanic/Latino Employee AssociationHealth Fair-June 18th, 2015-Chicago, Illinois International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers-July 8th, 2015-Warrenville, Illinois National Association Of Social Workers-October, 2015-Wheeling, Illinois Public Outreach Coordinator Illinois North, Panel 55

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From your CPC/PI Coordinator

Like the movement of a glacier, we may not recognize our progress right away, but the effects of working the Al-Anon program are profound and lasting. No matter how hopeless we may feel in...

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Can We Flourish In Al-Anon?

In simple terms, the Seventh Tradition points out one of the corner stones of the Al-Anon program of recovery. When individual members and groups understand that they are responsible for their own survival and...